Truffle Security is founded by career security experts with specializations in Application, Infrastructure, and Offensive Security. Those experienced perspectives influence all of our products and platform features.

Security-first development

TruffleHog is developed by a team led by security experts. Security is our passion and our primary concern. All features are developed with best practices in mind.

Single sign-on

Authenticate with secure SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0 workflows for users and never worry about username and password breaches.

Isolated environments

Each customer’s installation of TruffleHog is hosted in its own private environment with an isolated database instance, which is encrypted at rest.

Your infra, or ours?

TruffleHog runs on nearly any system, so you can run from our secure and isolated servers, or choose your own. With our on-premise offering, you can scan sources on your internal network, scan in-region to reduce bandwidth costs, and ensure your source credentials never leave your infrastructure with a local configuration.

Randomly generated credentials

Every deployment of TruffleHog receives randomly generated and securely stored infrastructure credentials.

No 3rd-party communication

The details of your findings are never sent to third parties.

In-memory scanning

Scanning for secrets occurs in memory so that the scanned data is never persisted to storage.

We don’t store the credentials you find

Only metadata about where a secret is found and redacted information about the credential is stored.

Automated deployments and updates

Deployments and updates are automatic and behind the scenes, so you’re always using the latest and greatest.

Take control of your secrets with TruffleHog. Contact us to get started on a free 7-day trial.

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