A community passionate about open source and security.
Truffle is operating fully remotely, but that won’t stop us from working together.

Work at Truffle


Truffle is a fully remote team


Top of industry pay

Time Away

Unlimited vacation with mandatory minimums


Great physical and mental health benefits


Stipends to ensure your productivity and career growth


Amazing people and culture to surround yourself with

Mission and
We make security problems more identifiable, accessible and easier to fix.

Try Experiments

We believe that in order to progress anything, experimentation is key. Our team celebrates experimentation and innovation to come up with new interesting ways to accomplish anything.

Better together

Our communities both internally and externally drive what we work on and who we work with. We believe that giving back to our communities ultimately makes us stronger as a team.

Student and sensei

Given any two people in the world, there is some skill that each is better at than the other. Our team believes that being both willing to learn and teach new ideas from every other person in the community is critical to improving as a company.

Security first

We are a security company founded by security professionals. Everything we do has security baked in at the root of our decisions and creations.

Make it happen

Everyone on our team is smart, strong and creative enough to truly own the value and rewards of their work. Taking the initiative to accomplish objectives for the team is part of the Truffle DNA.


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