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We make security problems easier to find and fix.

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At Truffle we love identifying and solving security problems! Open source and community drive us forward. Our mission is to make security problems more identifiable, accessible and easier to fix.

Dylan Ayrey

Dylan is the original author of the open source version of TruffleHog, which he built after recognizing just how commonly credentials and other secrets were exposed in Git. Coming most recently from the Netflix security team, Dylan has spoken at a number of popular information security conferences, including Defcon and Blackhat. The popularity of TruffleHog, and growing need for services like it, led him to co-found Truffle Security to deliver technology that works across all platforms where credentials can be exposed.

Dustin Decker

Our resident infra-sec expert, Dustin was previously at Cruise, where he helped secure the foundation for autonomous cars. Dustin has spoken at several security conferences to share tooling and techniques for securing modern infrastructure. With a range of experiences across metal and cloud environments, as well as bringing solutions to scale, Dustin co-founded Truffle Security to deliver on his passion for automated, simple, and intuitive security solutions.

Julian Dunning

Julian’s security expertise lies predominantly within in Offensive Security. Previously a Principal Engineer at cyber security firm Praetorian, and manager for (GM) Cruise’s in-house offensive security team, Julian has held a variety of security leadership positions. He has advanced concepts in password cracking and social engineering through national conferences and open source releases. In addition, his formal degree in business education led him to co-found Truffle Security, where he plans to shorten the gap between offensive and defensive security tooling.


Caleb Sima

CISO, Robinhood

Ænna Westelius

Director of Security Services Engineering, Netflix

Zane Lackey

Founder, Signal Sciences

Ryan Noon

Founder, Material Security

Beth Andres-Beck

Engineering, OneMedical; Board member, TechByChoice

Jake King

Founder, CMD


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